Before You Use Carpet Cleaning Chemicals On Your Carpet

Carpet cleaning chemicals have become an issue of some sort for various reasons ranging from safety , effectiveness and others.

Carpet cleaning chemicals are not altogether something to be overly apprehensive about. You may just need to understand it better, the issue around it, how best to apply it and get to know the best of the products for residential and commercial places.

What are Carpet Cleaning Chemicals?
Carpet is the most common floor cov
ering type. And can really be beautifying and comfortable to use. With usage, the inevitable happens, that is, it gets dirty and needs cleaning.. The carpet cleaning chemicals are compound mixtures used to clean carpets. They are mainly used for dry carpet cleaning (chemical carpet cleaning). Some common ingredients contained in chemical carpet cleaners include lye, formaldehyde, disinfectants, acids and artificial fragrance. Some which are claimed to be trade secret may not be listed on the labels.
Carpet cleaning chemicals come in different groups such as, green cleaning /micro –splitters, deodorizers, spot & stain removers, protectors, problem solver additives, extracting agents, Carpet pre-sprays.

How to Choose the Right Cleaning Chemicals
This brings us to issues of safety and effectiveness. As I said earlier the cleaning chemicals are grouped. Therefore your choice will depend on what you want to achieve. To achieve maximum success, purchase the type meant for a particular job. As with many chemical products, they have contents that may be toxic and not healthy for consumption especially by children and pets. Sometimes some of their contents are not listed on the label, making the users unaware of a possible harmful substance. Though the manufacturers will be expected to place health warnings.
With that said, it does not mean that all chemicals for carpet cleaning are harmful, it simply means that you should apply some caution in dealing with these cleaning products. Check the label list first for any blacklisted (prohibited) chemical such as tributyl tin, tetrachlororthylene , hydrofluoric acid etc. There are also Eco-friendly (green) carpet cleaning solution available as alternative. They are primarily plant based. Brand names like Bi-O-Kleen, Capture , NatureClean are some green cleaning solution names.

Are Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Safe for use
The safety depends on the chemical content. During the application of the chemicals, apply safety measures like use of hand gloves, protective gears and goggles. Do not smell the chemicals. Ensure sufficient flow of air in the room to reduce inhaling toxic fumes. Try limiting the usage of carpet cleaning chemicals to “quick-fix” cleaning of very dirt highly trafficked parts of the carpet as against using it for the whole carpet. Vacuum thoroughly to reduce the chances of residual remnants to barest minimum.

Enjoy Your Carpet

I think the underlying interest is having a satisfactory clean carpet using a process you are comfortable with issues around it. There is a place for carpet cleaning chemicals but the milder the better . Try as much as possible to use green carpet cleaning solutions as alternatives where possible . Then use steam cleaning to do major carpet cleaning . It is still the process that most people and most carpet manufacturers can relate to comfortably.

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