Steam Carpet Cleaner:Best Option for Carpet Cleaning

Using steam carpet cleaner can get you a better cleaning job than other types of carpet cleaners. Steam cleaning is a very effective way to ensure that you obtain a real clean carpet.
There are basically four(4) methods used for carpet cleaning:

  • Dry Shampooing.

  • Carpet powder method(Dry Cleaning).

  • Bonnet cleaning.

  • External extraction(also called warm water extraction , 'hot water extraction" or steam

For this article we are concentrating on steam cleaning which is the method approved by almost all carpet manufactures. Steam carpet cleaners can penetrate deep into the carpet fiber and ensure that there is a deep cleaning and then immediately vacuum off the dirty water to prevent leaving any residual liquid. The spraying of warm water ensures that there no over wetting.

I will advise you use the service of professional carpet cleaners if this is your first time but if can't spare the cash then go on and do it yourself. Most steam carpet cleaners come with instructions which you can follow .

In cleaning the carpet, first of all, remove everything in the room that will be an obstruction. Vacuum the carpet to remove cobwebs, dust . In case of stubborn stains , you can spray spot removals first and then wait some minutes . Move the steam carpet cleaner slowly using overlapping strokes when depositing the detergent. Then go over the wet area slowly in cycles with overlapping strokes . Some carpet steam cleaners have see-through covering , so that you can see the water as it is vacuumed into the machine .

You can repeat the process of depositing detergent and moving in cycles if you think you need to clean the carpet more. Continue vacuuming untill no more dirty water is entering the machine. This is particularily important to so that the carpet will dry fast. Don't walk over wet carpet because any collected dirt will set on the carpet.

In purchasing a steam carpet cleaners, you have to consider:

  • Tank type/size/design: The tank type could be upright or canister. Uprights are heavier and used for large areas. Canisters hold more water than uprights but gets
    cold faster. Find out if the steam cleaner has different reservoirs for the cleaning solution and the vacuumed dirty water.

  • Rotating brushes: The number of brushes . The more the better.

  • Tool/attachments: Find out if the steam carpet cleaner have attachment for other cleaning
    such as upholstery and stairs cleaning.

  • Water heater: Find out if you have to be adding hot water or if it offers water heater
    option .

Some popular steam carpet cleaners are hoover steam carpet cleaner and bissell steam carpet


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  2. There are a lot of reviews stating that powder cleaning or dry shampooing is not that good at all. There are residue remains even after vacuuming them. It may not be a good idea for household that have babies in it.

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