About Carpet Stair Treads

Have you walked into a home and look up the staircase and beheld a pretty sight? Chances are that the stairs have carpet stair trends. Have you tried "flying down" the stairs at home and the next thing you know is that you are rolling down the stairs? Do you notice discoloration, and multiple spots on your stairs due to traffic? The answer to all these is carpet stair tread.

In most homes the stairs is used to get to the upper level from down level and that means tons of traffic. In some homes and public places where the stairs may be carpeted , heavy traffic can also lead to fast wearing of the carpet. Carpet stair treads are also used in such cases to protect the carpets.

Carpet stair tread provides traction which will prevent you from slipping from the stairs. It is a form of safety measure.

Carpet stair tread is designed to be used on specific surface and condition. In highly trafficked surface such as theatres , the carpet stair treads are sturdy so as to stand high heels , splashes of drinks and oil . There are multi-purpose carpet stair treads that can be used on any type of surface. Carpet stair tread are made different materials such as; rubber, metal, polypropylene, braided fabrics, plastics. They come in various colors. Some have different line contours to hide step details such as edges. There is also a special variant called glow-in-dark treads to lit dark stair area.

For the installation, first,clean the stairs. Start from the bottom of the stair case. First secure the carpet pad to the vertical board at the bottom of the step with a staple gun. It should be held firmly to the stairs. Lift the carpet stair padding up to the stepping surface and use a wedging tool to secure the tack strip in place . Do this for all the stairs. Go back to the bottom of the stairs and place the runner on top of the fastened pad. Use the wedging tool to tack it into the joints. Do this for each stair.

Traditional carpet stair treads are not necessarily runner carpets , they come as uniform single carpets placed on each stepping surface of the stairs. Most carpet stair tread do not cover the entire stair surface ,they usually cover the center of the stairs surface where the traffic is heavy.
Carpet stair tread is an excellent way to give your stairs an affordable face lift and protection. You can call any local carpet shop for profession support.

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  1. Wow, I think I need this carpet stair threads. It would be useful and pretty also! I'll follow your steps to install easily. Thanks for sharing!