Carpet Stretcher:What You need to Know

You may have noticed rucking(sometimes referred as buckling or rippling) of your carpet that can easily get you tripped down when you hit your feet against them while walking across the carpet. Then it is time to use carpet stretcher. It could be wrinkles and loosening of the carpet that you notice. These are signs of the need to use carpet stretcher on the carpet.

Carpets ruck due to heavy wear as they age but can also develop prematurely as a result of poor carpet installation. Carpet stretcher is also used during carpet installation to remove any sag giving your carpet a full stretch.

Carpet stretcher can be used on all types of carpet. Common carpet stretchers are knee kicker and power carpet stretcher.

The manual carpet stretcher known as knee kicker carpet stretcher has spikes to grip the carpet , then you ram your knee with force on the padded end of the tool so as to pull the carpet forward towards the opposite wall .

The manual tool is not quite user -friendly . It can cause knee disorder and pain. It is also time consuming . There is another version of the manual stretcher that tries to tackle the problems associated with the knee kicker . It uses a hand lever instead to exert force needed to drag the carpet forward .

The second type is the power carpet stretcher which is more user -friendly and makes the work much easier and faster. You don't need to exert any force to drag the carpet ,it is done automatically by the machine . The power carpet stretcher also has tiny teeth that grab the carpet and pull it towards the wall .

Carpet stretching has to be done when due without delay. Leaving the carpet wrinkles for a long time can cause a ripping and tearing of the carpet thereby causing a permanent damage to the carpet.

Start the carpet stretching from the center of the carpet and then work to the edges of the carpet against the wall. The stretched out carpet material is then hooked unto a tackless strip. Leave about 1/2 inch of extra carpet all around the wall and tuck it is down between the tackless strip and baseboard.

In case you want to carry out the exercise yourself, you can hire the tool/machine from a local hire shop where you will also be put through on how to use the machine . Getting a professional support will be an added advantage. You can call a local carpet dealer involved in carpet installation for professional support.

Carpet stretcher can give your carpet a face lift. It can straighten out wrinkles and rucks thereby preventing your carpet from tearing.

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