Carpet Dye: Give Your Carpet a New Look

Most carpets are replaced prematurely. Some have to "tolerate" and "manage" the ugly sight because they think that the only option available (buying a new carpet) is not possible at the moment. But this don't have to be so . Why? Carpet dye provides a good cost effective option.

Carpets can last long , as ling as 15 years or more without wearng out. They start looking, "ugly", discolored , and stained long before they start to wear out. Carpet dyeing is a very good option to renew your carpet . It is also used to hide carpet stains, carpet bleaching stain, pet stains and other stains that prove stubborn to other cleaning methods.

Generally there are two common methods used to dye carpets . The first is spray dyeing and the second is dip dyeing .

Spray dyeing , just as the name signifies, is done by spraying carpet dye on the carpet using a pressure wand. As you might suspect, there an issue with this method ; its inability to give a deep penetration of the carpet dye into the carpet yarn.

Dip dyeing is done by applying carpet dye to the carpet with a rotary scrubber . The machine is evenly moved across the carpet. It is like mowing a lawn . You have to make several even passes over each area to get the required shade or color. There will be an uneven color application ifthe machine stays long in one place.

Before you do the carpet dyeing you must clean the carpet thoroughly , move the furniture , and protect the baseboards. Carpet dye is then applied and lightly brushed into the carpet nap. Make sure your carpet and carpet pad don't soak up too much water. If possible use very low-moisture content carpet dye system that sets instantly .Also use carpet dyes that are colorfast, so that the color don't wash off or fade. Wipe any spatter off the wall.

In case you want to do the carpet dyeing job yourself, you can buy a do-it-yourself kit.There are quite a number of them available . I must advise that you should first use a scrap carpet to practise and test your skill before going for the main carpet. That will be a wise path to take so as not to ruin your entire carpet. Carpet dyes are safe for the children and pets. Don't wear white socks on a newly dyed carpet until you have vacuumed it a number of times.

Getting a professional help can be a good investment and save you alot of headache specially when dealing with multicolored or patterned carpets. A professional will help you check out if your carpet can be dyed or not, help you decided the best carpet dye color to choose to get the desired shade or color and also give you an idea of what the whole process of carpet dyeing will cost you(which is much cheaper than a new carpet). You can contact a local carpet dealer on how to get a professional help.

You can dye wool carpets, nylon carpets but polyester , polypropylene and acrylic carpets are very difficult to dye and can yield a real bad result. The present color of your carpet determines what color you can dye your carpet to and also the dye color to use to get a particular shade or color. For example if your carpet is red and you use a yellow dye, then you would get an orange carpet. There is vast array of colors available. These colors are grouped into color families. Some professional carpet dyers can cross color families.

Use a professional carpet dye so as to ensure that your carpet dye job turns out fine. Below is a list of some professional grade carpet dyes available:
Americolor Corp- Americolor also offers training class for carpet dyeing.
Dye Master
Dyeing Colors
Professional Dye

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